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Active Nation was built on a foundation of passion and a drive for women to take charge of their training and achieve amazing sustainable results!

We support and empower females to live their strongest, most confident lives.


We understand starting your strength training journey as a female can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience.

That is why Active Nation provides females with a comfortable space and a supportive community of like minded females to help women members reach their goals!

Wasting hours in the gym trying to find equipment that you know how to use, or doing the same exercises because you are not confident to try something different will be a thing of the past.

Transform Your Mind + Body

We pride ourselves on helping females achieve sustainable results from sustainable training methods that work. Strength training is a guaranteed way to improve your quality of life and boost your self-confidence while improving mental and physical resilience.

Hi, I’m Kirra

Owner of Active Nation!

Since beginning in the fitness industry in 2009, I have supported and worked in many gyms, with numerous clients helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

During this time I have seen many different fitness and diets fad come and go, but the one style of training that has worked for all my clients is strength training. No matter what age, ability, or experience a client has had – I have seen the many benefits that strength training has to offer. This is why I am so passionate about this style of training.

My mission is to empower, educate, and support females in living strong, healthy and happy lives. I am most proud of seeing all my ladies reclaim their strength, self-confidence and live a life free of the burden of extreme dieting and training regimes.

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